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Del Mar Dog Training Retreats

Our Training Retreats at CanineJulz are immersive experiences for your dog. Different from private and group classes, training retreats provide multiple opportunities for your dog to train throughout their daily routine while establishing a positive and consistent relationship with the trainer. This leads to healthy habits, house manners and routines. 

Retreats consist of multiple training sessions with a variety of activities:

  • Drive expulsion

  • Playing

  • Problem solving

  • Motivational training

  • Meditation

  • Massages

  • Behavior and obedience practice

  • And much more!

As an in-home training program, we eliminate the stress of a kennel environment and create a new environment for your dog—dogs rehearse behaviors and learn to associate people and places with those behaviors. Training retreats provide a blank slate to learn fresh habits!


Interested in our training retreats? Follow the steps below to learn more and get underway in planning your dog's retreat at Julz!





3 private lessons





3 private lessons




Includes 4 private lessons




Includes 4 private lessons




Includes 5 private lessons




Includes 6 private lessons

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