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Meet Julie, CanineJulz Founder

Julie, The Dog Therapist, is the founder and Certified Dog Trainer at CanineJulz LLC. With over 15 years continuous experience training dogs and providing guidance to their owners, she brings a unique perspective of dog training to Southern California.


She has trained countless service dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs in rehabilitation, and family dogs of all sizes and breeds. She is also touring around the world holding seminars, promoting canine and human wellness. 


Working with local Animal Rescue's, she helps rehabilitate rescued dogs and helps them regain their confidence. She specializes in dog behavior modification, communication, dog aggression, dog reactivity, therapy dog training, reading dog body language and socialization, and an entire range of dog obedience and mannerism training as well.

Dog Training_Carlsbad CA

Positive reinforcement training is a must in her training, working toward the ultimate goal of better communication between dog and owner. She believes dogs should be assessed as whole, not just from their behavior. Pet First Aid and CPR-certified, your dog will be in good hands with Julie!

The CanineJulz Mission

CanineJulz was born with the aspiration to help dogs and their families communicate easily and effortlessly. Julie has dedicated her career to helping dogs and owners become dynamic duos everywhere. The motto, "every dog should be treated like a treasure!" is practiced at every turn in training at CanineJulz, always using positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior. Julie believes in training both you and your dog, and is committed to your continued success! 


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