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CanineJulz : The Key to our Positive Dog Training Philosophy

At CanineJulz, The Dog Therapist, our goal is to create a happy and confident dogs. We seek to improve your bond, understanding, and communication with your dog by focusing on key competencies: communication, biological fulfillment, mental and physical exercise. This is at the core of our dog training philosophy.

An effective dog training lifestyle is not just about teaching basic commands like sit, stay, and down. Instead, it revolves around teaching your dog to make good choices and how to listen, even when distractions are present. We teach your dog all the commands to be able to effectively communicate with you and vice versa. More importantly, we teach them how to be engaged no matter the environment.

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In order to find the right balance of training practices, we evaluate each dog individually and take into consideration multiple factors. These included his or her age, breed, size, temperament, and personality. What's best for one dog might not be right for another. Dogs are designed to be productive and prefer a job to maintain balance.


When you engage your dog mentally and physically, you promote positive behavior which allows them to channel their energy in a controlled, productive and balanced way. Leading to a happy life. 

You are also an important piece to your dog's success. Your relationship with your dog is based on understanding—your dog must understand you, just as you must understand him or her. Establishing effective communication between you and your dog is the basis of any successful training program. After all, your pup only wants to make you happy! Your ability to work with your dog and reinforce skills and abilities learned will help your furry friend reach full potential.

With our training, you will be amazed at how happy your dog can be and what they will be able to accomplish. You will be confident in your dog’s ability to listen and proud of their change in behavior. 


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