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Dog Training_Carlsbad CA_Pet Nutrition

Science Supported Dog Nutrition Course in San Marcos, CA

Is your dog getting the nutrition it needs? Could the food you are feeding be making your pet sick? Are you frustrated with all the confusing information about pet food? Do you feel bad because your pet is suffering with a chronic issue, and you don't know how to help? Our dog nutrition course is here to answer all of your questions and help to get your pup on the right track!

Sign up for The Great Debate: Raw vs. Kibble dog nutrition course with the Pet Nutrition Doctor, Dr. Evelyn Kass!




Bringing over 30 years of experience to the class, Dr. Evelyn will teach you: 

  • What to look for on the pet food label to know if it is appropriate for your pet

  • To have confidence in make better choices for your pet's health

  • Why species appropriate food is so important

  • What is wrong with grains

  • The scoop on reading pet food labels

  • The role of the microbiome in health and disease

After this course, your pet will love mealtimes more and start to feel better very quickly. You'll also leave with a free e-book guide with lists of recommended foods and supplements for your pets.

Dog Training_Carlsbad CA_Pet Nutrition

How Nutrition Affects Your Dog's Behavior

Keeping your dog healthy and strong is an important part of training.  You need to feed them foods that will keep their organs functioning properly.  This means you must provide the right balance of nutrients in their food for proper growth, development, and maintenance.  Nutrition affects your dog's sleep patterns, moods, memories, senses, instinctual drives... how they behave generally!  The food you feed your dog directly affects his overall behavior and ability to retain training.

Training is a combination of motivation, incentives, and consequences.  However, proper nutrition is a must for your dog's body to operate at its highest level during training sessions.  Your dog needs all the brain power he can get while working on new tricks, commands, or resolving an obedience issue with another dog.  In order to do that, your pup will need lots of energy from nutritious food that gives him constant fuel throughout the day.

Dog Training_Carlsbad CA_Pet Nutrition

Meet Dr. Evelyn Kass: Pet Nutrition Doctor Leading the CanineJulz Dog Nutrition Course

Dr. Evelyn is an integrative holistic veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in both traditional and holistic medicine. She uses food and nutritional support as medicine for her patients and teaches pet parents how to create a healthy lifestyle for their furry family members through educational workshops and individual consulting. 

Her passion for nutrition has led her to create a nutritional consulting business for pets, providing information on choosing pet foods to optimize health through food choices. She includes topics ranging from the dangers of obesity to the concerns about genetically modified foods. Her goal is to prevent many of the chronic conditions that now appear in our pets, by providing information to help pet parents choose the proper food and supplements for optimal health.

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