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The Dogs' Therapist 

Fun & Rewarding San Marcos Dog Training

Founder Julie is ABC certified with 15+ years of dog training experience. She is now sharing her tried and true techniques and approach with her Southern California  dog training. At CanineJulz, the mission is to create happy dogs while strengthening the relationship between dog and owner.

Every dog is treated like a treasure!

Private Dog Training

One-on-one training for your pup, teaching and practicing a variety of skills.

Dog Training Retreats

Consistent training sessions with lasting results offered from 1-8 weeks long.

Dog Nutrition Course

CanineJulz partners with Pet Nutrition Doctor Dr. Evelyn Kass to bring you expert guidance on how to properly fuel your dog. 

The CanineJulz Approach to Dog Training

While some trainers may use intimidation and force, we know that this style of training with fearful dogs, who lack trust. Dogs trained with fear or pain seem really pleasing when they first come back into your home. This is because they are very hungry for attention and will do anything to get it. However, after a few training sessions with your new puppy or dog, you may notice them become less responsive and more fearful. Why? Because once their basic needs are met by the humans around them, they will be less motivated to work for food or attention.

If you want your puppy or dog to listen to you on command, make sure their main motivation is fun, rewarding and tailored specifically to them! Motivating with food and treats alone is easy in the meantime, but more difficult to train in the long run. The best way to train a dog is to combine their main motivator with something they really want. What does your dog love most? Food or toys/playtime? Dogs learn best when they have reason to listen and obey us. The very best training sessions are the ones where you can involve your dog's favorite thing in the whole world.

Let's get started with a positive action plan for your dogs training today!

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"Five big paws up! I got my puppy in December at 14 weeks old, and we started training with Julie about a month or so later. With her help, my basset has turned from a feisty puppy into a well-behaved young man!"


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